Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling

Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling Tour

Snorkelling is undoubtedly the highlight of our Great Barrier Reef cruises, allowing you to witness the breathtaking beauty of the Great Barrier Reef up close. As you embark on this adventure, prepare to be captivated by the kaleidoscope of marine life that awaits you. From the vibrant corals to the majestic sea turtles and an abundance of fascinating fish species, every moment spent snorkelling is a chance to create unforgettable memories.

Snorkel the Reef

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Perfect for All swimming abilities • Finding Nemo

Our Great Barrier Reef day trips are designed to offer you the perfect blend of relaxation, exploration, and adventure. With a snorkelling area that covers 7000 square metres at Moore Reef, there’s plenty of space for you to explore the Great Barrier Reef! If you’ve never snorkelled before or aren’t a strong swimmer, our friendly team will share full instructions on how to use the snorkelling equipment provided – snorkel, fins, mask, buoyancy vest and lycra suit.

Our snorkelling area has been designed with your safety in mind. There are four rest stations for you to relax and re-energise, and an elevated tower where trained lifeguards are continuously on duty. Confident swimmers can check out the spectacular 15-metre deep drop-off and canyon at the farther reaches of the snorkelling area.

If you plan on doing a Fitzroy Island day trip, snorkel equipment hire is available and includes snorkel, fins, mask and lycra suit. These additions are available when you book or on board the vessel. Space on tours is limited, so make sure to book ahead.

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Guided Snorkel Tour

Moore Reef – $52 Adult  |  $32 Kids  |  $136 Family

Perfect for VIP Experience • Marine Education

At Moore Reef; Embark on our exclusive guided Great Barrier Reef snorkel tour, where a marine expert guides you on a personal 35-minute snorkelling tour of the reef, exploring areas not accessible by others and highlighting brilliant corals and fascinating marine life in a small group of up to six guests. Learn about the Great Barrier Reef marine ecosystem on this guided tour suitable for all abilities, including those who need assistance in the water. Spot Nemo the clownfish, giant clams, rare species of fish and coral, sea turtles and much more.

Snorkel Safari

Fitzroy Island – $49 Adult |  $29 Kids 

At Fitzroy Island; Hop on for a trip to a snorkelling location, only available by boat; just off the island and over some of the most diverse reef in the world.  Here our team will give you free time to snorkel the majestic reef, away from other tourists.  The Safari is 1 hour inclusive of a briefing session, with approximately 35 minutes of actual snoreklling time in the water.  This tour is not suitable for non swimmers. Snorkel hire will be included during the duration of the Safari.

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Marine Biologist for a Day

Perfect for Environmentalists • School Groups

This is an in-depth educational experience for guests travelling to our outer reef pontoon on the full day tour. Conducted by a team of marine experts, including two Master Reef Guides, guests will learn about reef ecology and climate change as well as participate in Eye on the Reef – the reef monitoring and assessment program run by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA). Guests are taken on a comprehensive guided snorkel tour by a Master Reef Guide and record their observations to submit to GBRMPA to help monitor and track the health of our reef. Minimum booking of 10 people.

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